Laurie Hewitt

Laurie Kay

CEO and Founder

I am a retired clinical social worker by profession and training. I bring these skills and ethics to my channeling.  I provide a safe and supportive environment in which to communicate with Spirit. All information received and given is confidential. I work from a place of compassion, integrity, and connection to Spirit. I have worked with Spirit and other teachers to be able to keep the “I” or ego out of the readings. 

I have been receiving information from Spirit most of my life and have been offering readings for over 30 years.

I have always been an empath and have been able to use this ability as a therapist to help me work with clients. I am also clairaudient (I hear voices) and clairvoyant (I see images or scenes). These are the primary ways I receive messages from Spirit. I hear someone talking to me and see it much like a movie. At times I am directed by Spirit to share information from my own journey or what I have learned as a therapist. This can serve to help with understanding or to clarify the information Spirit is providing. 

As a child I “knew” I had lived before but did not understand what this meant. In my quest to understand and strengthen my faith and connection to God/Spirit I began to explore many different beliefs and traditions. I have found a blending of these many traditions has led me to a stronger connection to Spirit. A favorite quote from the Hindu tradition sums up my belief:

TRUTH is One paths are many.

A Spiritual Journey