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I have had the pleasure of having several sessions with Laurie Hewitt over the years. Each session has provided me with a deeper insight into, and connection to my larger self. I find guidance and awareness that I return to time and again. How wonderful to have the opportunity to converse with your own personal companions & guides in Spirit. Laurie has a warm, natural, fun and straightforward way that immediately puts you at ease. I also appreciate the opportunity to discuss aspects of the reading with her. The combination of Reiki energy work and intuitive reading is especially beneficial. I feel the Reiki relaxes my body & mind making me more receptive to spiritual work. I would highly recommend a session with Laurie Hewitt.

Angela Cole

I have been very touched by the depth of Laurie’s readings over the years.  I listen to them many times as they are so rich with meaning for me and I can take time with each aspect of The Reading. They always feel filled with spirit and truth and enrich my life..

Rosanne Cole

Laurie offers a unique gift to her clients.  She is able to infuse her Reiki treatment with her psychic abilities.  Each time that I have had a Reiki treatment with Laurie I feel her gentle hands and her insightful words knowing  that she is connecting with me and telling the truth as it relates to my own life’s path.  She is a gifted healer.

Camilla Pratt

Laurie is a very gifted and compassionate spiritual counselor and healer. She is able to access information and energy at a deep level and in the best interest of your healing and spiritual growth. She presents her wise and intuitive readings clearly and in a loving way. I have found sessions with Laurie to be very informative as well as energetically powerful in shifting me to where I need to go next. Thank you for your wonderful service, Laurie..

Sally Beckett-McCollum, Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Lakewood, CO


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