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Death and Rebirth

I am sharing the writings of my friend Sally Beckett-McCollum. She is an amazing shamanic practitioner.  Her themes for June and July writings spoke to me and helped me understand what I have been feeling and experiencing.  It feels universal as the shifts continue for everyone and Earth itself.  You can find Sally at: If

Releasing Shadow

As I walk the walk I am confronted with my shadow parts. All the fears that tell me “you can’t; you shouldn’t; it’s not safe; you are not good enough”. Shadow is about suffering, feeling less than, feeling ashamed and pushing away all those feelings we label as “bad”. It completely  takes me out of

Walking the walk

Talking the talk is easy-walking the walk is not always so easy. I am 90 days into it. Trusting that with each step the path will appear and needs are met. Have been here before and then let fear stop me. The fear says, “get a job; you need security; God helps those who help

Welcome to My Blog

Welcome to my website and blog.  This has been a long time coming!  I am finally “daring greatly” as Brené Brown says in her book of the same name.   My hope is this blog will be an open dialogue with Spirit and each other about our paths and connection with Spirit.   I will offer my

A Spiritual Journey