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As I walk the walk I am confronted with my shadow parts. All the fears that tell me “you can’t; you shouldn’t; it’s not safe; you are not good enough”. Shadow is about suffering, feeling less than, feeling ashamed and pushing away all those feelings we label as “bad”. It completely  takes me out of the Light-out of Love.  The darkness is complete and very believable.  As I sit in meditation feeling desolate I open to Love and ask for help. The Light is there in a flash and the shadow is surrounded by light.  With the help of  The Divine, my guides and angels I begin to look at these shadow parts. They are those parts of me from childhood, early adulthood, and even past lives.  As I listen to what they whisper in my ear I slowly begin to see them for what they are.  Fears based on past trauma, old patterns and beliefs that have been shoved into the unconscious mind. As I bring Light and consciousness to these shadows they begin to transform from darkness into light.  I am able to thank each one for teaching me something about my self. I begin to consciously see the old patterns that no longer serve.  I am able to release these with the help of Spirit and release the fears that keep stuck in old behaviors and patterns. I keep choosing to remain in “conscious contact” with Spirit, knowing that this will help release the shadow parts as they come into consciousness. I trust that Love is the only path.

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