What is a Psychic?

Psychic1Webster’s dictionary states it is someone “who is sensitive to nonphysical influences.”    It is also used for someone who channels. This is when an individual is able to communicate with Beings who are not in the physical world and is able to share their information and knowledge.

Many psychics use different tools to help receive this information, such as tarot cards or have extra sensory perception (ESP) that will give them a glimpse into the future.  Many have a specialty area such as being able to get information on issues such as love, money, business and health.

Some psychics are clairvoyant meaning they see visions or pictures others are clairaudient meaning they hear information being spoken.  Many have both abilities and use them when giving a reading.

A medium is another term that is used to describe someone who is psychic or gives readings. This is someone who is able to receive messages from loved ones or others who have crossed over into the nonphysical world. Examples of mediums are John Edwards, Sylvia Brown and others who share their gifts with readings.

A medium is able to receive messages from other nonphysical Beings that have knowledge to share with us in the physical world.  This is referred to as channeling.  This information can give direction in life, connect you with spirit guides and help you on your spiritual path.

A Spiritual Journey