What is a Reading?


A reading is about your life and life path.  It can enhance your development and growth. It can help you to make contact with the Spirit realm and connect you with your guides, angels and higher self.  A reading can also, at times, connect you with loved ones who have crossed over or with your past lives.

All of this is designed to help you with your life here and now.  A reading can provide insight into questions you have about your path and why your soul has chosen to be here now.  A reading can also give insight into what lessons your soul is here to learn. At times it can validate what you already know intuitively.

It can also give you suggestions and guidance on how to communicate directly with Spirit. Spirit wants to have a personal relationship with you to help with life’s challenges and to support you in living joyously.

Types of Readings

There are many types of readings available.  Many psychics or mediums use “tools of the trade” to assist in receiving the information from Spirit.

You may be familiar with some of these tools such as Tarot cards, Palm Reading, the Ouija board, or Runes.  These help the medium or psychic to tune into the Spirit realm and receive the information you are seeking.   You can learn to use many of these tools yourself and do your own reading.  However, when you receive a reading from a reputable psychic or medium your life can be greatly enhanced.

A reading provides guidance and support. It can give you some insight into areas of life that are causing concern and perhaps a roadmap to help you move forward.

A reading won’t give you all the answers, help you win the lottery, tell you what to do or fix everything that is wrong in your life.

Since we have free will, it is ultimately up to you to decide what to take and what to leave.  No psychic is correct 100% of the time and it is up to you to decide for yourself what feels right for you.  Trust your intuition.  Sit with the information for a time, it may not make sense at first but may become clearer later on.

It is your life.  And only you are in charge of it.  Remember, Spirit wants to communicate with you to support you on your life path and help you to live a joyous life.

A Spiritual Journey