Soul Path Readings

These readings are designed to facilitate communication with Spirit.  I am able to share messages from your Soul Council*, Guides, Angels and others who may have messages for you. The sessions are a dialogue between you and Spirit. It helps if you have some questions prepared to begin the discussion with Spirit. Readings focus on your life path, why your soul chose to be here now and what lessons you are learning.  Past lives may also be visited to provide clarity on how these lives may continue to impact your life in the present.

These readings can serve as validation for what you already know at an intuitive level. They will introduce you to your Guides and other Beings that wish to communicate with you.  Spirit will offer ways to communicate with them directly on your own. Spirit wants to have a personal connection with you to help with life challenges and support you in living joyously.

*Described by Dr. Michael Newton, PhD in his book “Journey of Souls”

Intuitive Consultation

As more therapists begin to embrace the understanding that therapy involves mind, body and spirit, there is a need for support in working with the spiritual aspect of therapy. Even the most intuitive therapist, at times, needs validation and perspective on the information they have received intuitively.

I am offering Intuitive Consultation as a support to therapists to give a broader view of their clients and client issues. I am able to channel information from the Soul, Higher Self and Guides of the client. This provides information that is unconscious for the individual and may include past life information that is impacting their current lives and relationships.

Insights are offered for current issues and suggestions are given for possible clinical interventions. Since the information received is from the client’s Soul and Guides the treatment options are very specific to each individual.

A Spiritual Journey