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Talking the talk is easy-walking the walk is not always so easy. I am 90 days into it. Trusting that with each step the path will appear and needs are met. Have been here before and then let fear stop me. The fear says, “get a job; you need security; God helps those who help themselves” and on and on…

Truth is God helps everyone. It is up to me to believe and trust and accept the Gifts. It is not accepting help when “the chips are down” and then saying “ok, I’ve got this” and stop trusting and following Guidance. Most of what I was taught and grew up believing is wrong in so many ways. God’s love is not conditional and I am not able with my limited mind and ego to see the bigger picture. So to say I will “take it from here” is very grandiose.

Staying in trust and faith, which is Love is the only way. As it has been said before there is only fear(darkness) or Love(Light).

I am choosing Love today!

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