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Welcome to my website and blog.  This has been a long time coming!  I am finally “daring greatly” as Brené Brown says in her book of the same name.   My hope is this blog will be an open dialogue with Spirit and each other about our paths and connection with Spirit.   I will offer my path/learning from Spirit and share their insights.  Please feel free to do the same.  I believe we are all on this path together and each of us is trying to figure out why we are here, what our soul wants to learn/experience and how are we doing with all that!

I know for myself when I can let go of trying to “be in control” and let Spirit guide me life is smoother and less stressful. It is when I try to be in charge of everything that I get off track and cause myself unneeded stress and pain. And I always seem to think I can be  “in charge”!   At times Spirit speaks to us through our friends, family and strangers to get the message to us. Our job is to pay attention.  I know I don’t always appreciate the message in the moment but will later on when I reflect on it.  When the message is from Spirit it always “feels” right, I know in my bones the information is correct and will lead me to being more peaceful.

So, here is to letting Spirit guide me and letting go of the need to be in charge!  It is a daily lesson, sometimes a minute-to-minute lesson! And I know if I will stay “in conscious contact” as AA says, with Spirit I will be guided on my path and have more joy in my life.

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